My Story

We use all natural, organic, locally sourced and sustainable ingredients (where possible) in all of our Made. Simply products - nothing toxic, nothing hidden, completely cruelty-free, no fillers or nasty preservatives. A brand you will love and trust.
Hi! I'm Bek, I'm a Mum of 4, a Wife, a trained Health Professional and student Herbalist. I am the owner and creator of Made. Simply - A small, boutique family owned business located in the picturesque Perth Hills in Western Australia.


My inspiration comes from the trees and flowers and the giggling from my tiny humans that I am surrounded by every day.  I also find the clarity I need to run my business from my emerging yoga practice. Made. Simply was born because of my need to be connected to the earth, to its flowers, herbs and trees. The earth grounds and centres me - my soul flows as the season do.


I personally handcraft all of our Made. Simply products, even growing some of the herbs used in them. I know exactly what goes in and am fastidious about selecting Certified Organic, Pure, Natural and Cruelty - Free ingredients where possible.


We borrow Mother Earth from our grand children and the children that come after them - so they can learn to enjoy and respect what it gives to us. This is why sustainability, waste and pollution reduction are so important. All our packaging is returnable, recyclable or home compostable.


I would love to inspire you to make great healthy and ethical choices for yourself, your family and our amazing natural environment.
Thanks so much for being here xxx