{Handmade Soap Bar} Lavender Fields

Spring! I truly love this time of year – the wildflowers are looking amazing with all the winter rain we have had here in Perth. Our beautiful winter creek is still flowing freely and we can still hear the frogs croaking each night. I adore watching my children find their way through the national park, picking and smelling flowers. Making up unique names for the trees and flowers, and touching, smelling and feeling each plant along the way. Being in nature for our family is a honestly where I see them grow, develop and connect to the earth and to each other.
 A new month means a brand new artisan soap pack from our Made. Simply family to yours – I have made this pack with extra love and heart this month and included a very special and exclusive artisan soap I have named Lavender Fields.
Lavender Fields smells and feels like a sunny Spring day, running through paddocks with children giggling and the sun giving warmth and comfort. Can you just imagine being here? Lying in the long grass, feeling the sun reach into every part of your being, giving you warmth and comfort. Perhaps you are under a huge oak tree, having a picnic. Wherever your imagination takes you, this soap is made of dreams.
I have handcrafted this soap using feel good oils and butters, formulated for its high moisturising content, but with lots of soft foaming bubbles. The organic lavender flowers offer a gentle exfoliation to your skin, removing all those dead skin cells and rejuvenating your skin. Lavender is amazing as a herb and as an essential oil, useful for so many purposes. I love it for its potential to calm, soothe and heal your skin and your heart and soul, getting you ready to face the day in a relaxed, intuitive and calm way.
All our Made. Simply artisan soaps are handcrafted in small batches, there aren’t many available and we ran out last month! So be quick and order yours here today.